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Daring Greatly – Get in the Arena!!

Daring Greatly - Get in the Arena!!

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I love this post on Vulnerability by JJWalters that he wrote after watching the Brené Brown TED talk on shame. So proud to call him my papa!

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As a kid growing up in the Projects to be vulnerable meant to be weak, and weakness did not fit our self image any more than a dress or a pair of high heeled shoes would have. Sissies were vulnerable, chicken shits were vulnerable. . . . tough guys like us were born into this world in a defensive position. We laughed at vulnerability.

I remember being on the playground with my friends one day watching my beloved Fritzy run into the highway and get hit by a car. I remember the whole thing, though it was 65 years ago, as if it were yesterday. I remember cursing the dog for being so stupid. I remember leaving my friends, walking back to the apartment, stepping into a closet, closing the door behind me . . . and crying my eyes out.

I loved that damn dog, but tears were not shed…

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Brené Brown – ❤ her!

I finally made GHEE!


I’m not sure why I was reluctant to make ghee, but it is super easy and I love it – especially on toast.  Recipe:

1 pound unsalted ORGANIC butter.  Put the butter in a heavy, medium-sized pan. Turn the heat on to medium until the butter melts. Turn down the heat until the butter just boils and continue to cook at this heat. Do not cover the pot. The butter will foam and sputter while it cooks. Whitish curds will begin to form on the bottom of the pot. The butter will begin to smell like popcorn after a while and turn a lovely golden color. Keep a close watch on the ghee, as it can easily burn. After a while it will become a clear, golden color. You will have to take a clean, dry spoon to move away some of the foam on top in order to see if the ghee is clear all the way through to the bottom. When it is clear and has stopped sputtering and making noise, then it needs to be taken off the heat. Let it cool until just warm. Pour it through a fine sieve or layers of cheesecloth into a clean, dry glass container with a tight lid. Discard the curds at the bottom of the saucepan. The ghee is burned if it has a nutty smell and is slightly brown.

1 pound of butter takes about 15 minutes of cooking time. The more butter you are using, the more time it will take.

Ghee can be kept on the kitchen shelf, covered. It does not need refrigeration. The medicinal properties are said to improve with age. Don’t ladle out the ghee with a wet spoon or allow any water to get into the container, as this will create conditions for bacteria to grow and spoil the ghee.

Two pounds of butter will fill a quart jar with ghee.  I prefer to use small jars.


Review – Teavana Perfect Tea Maker

TEATIMEAfter purchasing the dreadfully expensive Breville Tea Maker last year, I have found that for one person it is a bit of hassle to use.  While visiting the local Teavana store, I noticed that the Teavana Perfect Tea Maker was on spring promotion for 30% off (approx $14) so I decided to give it a try.  I am quite impressed with the design.  I like that the whole unit, once finished brewing, sits on top of your tea cup and pores the tea from the bottom of the unit.  Why is this important?  I like to reuse my tea leaves and this allows them to stay in the unit without being soaked in water.  I was able to brew the same tea leaves three times and still be satisfied with the taste.

Bottom Line – save yourself $190 dollars and go with this very easy to use, great for travel, Teavana Perfect Tea Maker.

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