change me?

imageschange me?

do you think you can?

do you think you should?

I have been hand crafted by life

exactly as I am supposed to be 

in this moment

in this life

every scar a reminder

of what I can endure

every experience a lesson

in love

in pain

in ecstasy

no, I wish not to be changed

by you

I may be changed because

of you

but I will not change to be 

with you

who am i

8272d22a10e50dad1e612963daf0c777who am I

little ole me

to think 

I can make a difference?

so many smarter

and brighter

and accomplished

how will I

break free of my

self imposed chains

to fly 

to create

to change the world

When Beauty Beckons

513216739_h7S6BUCC_c-1Finding beauty every day is a practice.  It is in our nature to constantly evaluate if we like or dislike something.  Switching that focus to appreciation, gratitude, and beauty will result in deeper, more meaningful life experiences by reducing stress and increasing joy. The more we practice, the easier it becomes.

How do we do this practice?  As soon as you find yourself lost in negative evaluation, immediately stop and say internally “What am I grateful for in this moment? Where can I look to find beauty?”  You will be amazed at what the eyes of gratitude and beauty will show you.

This is not easy.  No one gets through this life unscathed by tragedy, death, and drama.  When we are in the throws of emotional instability it is very difficult to find beauty or gratitude.  That is why it is so important to practice this before you are going through difficulties as your mind and body will know how to grasp on to something positive.  It may be as simple as gratitude for your breath. As I breath in, beauty surrounds me, as I breath out, I release all the burdens that I am carrying.

When beauty beckons you

follow her

as she has so much to share

she sits waiting


wanting to be of service

but her shadow

gets all of the attention

her shadow is kept busy

showing all the violence, hatred, and negativity

that appears prevalent in this world

no one has time to gaze upon beauty

to stand in awe

to open up and receive all that nature is willing to give

I say surrender to beauty

she will never disappoint

let her show you

the magnificence of your body and mind

let her soar through you

become intoxicated

with the oneness of all

I am

Karmic-FlowI am a rebel, a fighter, a lover, and a mystery

I am beauty, I am beast

I am a transformer, a creator, and a destroyer

I am light, I am dark

I soar with ravens and swim with whales

I am love, I am hate

I am the panther ready to prowl, and the scorpion ready to sting

I am the eyes of wisdom with the heart of compassion

I am everyone and I am no one

My spirit knows no boundaries

This tiny human body cannot contain me

I have lived 1,000 lives and I have died 1,000 deaths

I am highly sensitive and feel each pain as if it were my own

I bring the gifts of healing and unconditional love

I am immortal and impermanent

from the sea I have come and to the sea I shall return

My name is the name of eternity

It is whispered through the leaves as the wind gently blows

It is howled through the throats of the wolves in the moonlight

It is sung by the birds as they wake before dawn

It is heard in the cry of the baby just born

It is sung by the oppressed as they dream to be free

and it is screamed by the tormented, abused, and slain.

My body has been trapped, but my soul has roamed untethered

I carry my scars without shame or glory

each a reminder of my past and an intention for my future

I shudder with the knowing that I am no savior

Intuition and Grace are my constant companions

I have come here for the soul purpose of provoking myself and others to awaken

and to be an unstoppable force of positive change in this world.

I am woman hear me roar