be love


I wanted to devour you soul
possess you
make you mine

you taught me
to be patient
to look inward
to find that space where there is no need
to possess
or own

a place where love grows
allowed to exist
as it is meant to be

nurtured by acceptance
warmed by kindness
fed by tolerance

passion is quick
and burns out

love when it originates
from within
to kill
or extinguish

love is sufficient
unto love
it isn’t dependent on anyone

it can’t be found in another
if it doesn’t exist in you

it surrounds you
in your darkest hour
it holds you up
when you fall
it cradles you
when you know you can’t go on

it whispers to you
get up
your work here is not done

the prayer on my lips
this day and forever more
may all beings know love
may all beings be love


I saw Him

love,bench,dream,homeless,man,hippy-07986c3ccfbef10fa881052306c7f3a9_hI saw him

sitting on a dirty blanket

hand out 

requesting help

others would say begging

I saw him

really saw him

battered by addiction

battered by this world

it wasn’t the coin

he craved

I felt his longing

for kindness 

to be seen

to matter to someone

A man in a suit 

tossed him a business card

“if you want money, I’ll give you a job” 

he arrogantly stated

the suited man walked on 

feeling empowered 

the other man had lost

another piece of his dignity

I walked over to the man

I had nothing to give 

but my smile

he took my smile

and he saw me

he really saw me

and just for a brief blissful moment

we forgot our societal hierarchy 

and become one

I carry him with me 


a reminder 

to find the divine

in everyone I meet

especially the down trodden

the homeless

the addicted

because I so clearly see

there but for the grace of the divine, go I

Graceless Lady

edvard-munch-scream-thumb Graceless Lady

I tried to break through

your armor of hate and discontent

I lost myself in your dark abyss

easily forgetting


as an individual

separate from you

I felt a responsibility to you

I tried to hold your pieces together

their sharp edges cut deep

I saw into your tormented soul

the suffering in your eyes

shattered me 

I crawled away to lick my wounds

our faith broken

our exit anticlimactic 

no bitterness

no regrets

just a knowing

of a karma completed

there was no turning back

no re-joining to be done

i gave you all that I had

i finally got my freedom

and I flew away without looking back

change me?

imageschange me?

do you think you can?

do you think you should?

I have been hand crafted by life

exactly as I am supposed to be 

in this moment

in this life

every scar a reminder

of what I can endure

every experience a lesson

in love

in pain

in ecstasy

no, I wish not to be changed

by you

I may be changed because

of you

but I will not change to be 

with you

who am i

8272d22a10e50dad1e612963daf0c777who am I

little ole me

to think 

I can make a difference?

so many smarter

and brighter

and accomplished

how will I

break free of my

self imposed chains

to fly 

to create

to change the world

When Beauty Beckons

513216739_h7S6BUCC_c-1Finding beauty every day is a practice.  It is in our nature to constantly evaluate if we like or dislike something.  Switching that focus to appreciation, gratitude, and beauty will result in deeper, more meaningful life experiences by reducing stress and increasing joy. The more we practice, the easier it becomes.

How do we do this practice?  As soon as you find yourself lost in negative evaluation, immediately stop and say internally “What am I grateful for in this moment? Where can I look to find beauty?”  You will be amazed at what the eyes of gratitude and beauty will show you.

This is not easy.  No one gets through this life unscathed by tragedy, death, and drama.  When we are in the throws of emotional instability it is very difficult to find beauty or gratitude.  That is why it is so important to practice this before you are going through difficulties as your mind and body will know how to grasp on to something positive.  It may be as simple as gratitude for your breath. As I breath in, beauty surrounds me, as I breath out, I release all the burdens that I am carrying.

When beauty beckons you

follow her

as she has so much to share

she sits waiting


wanting to be of service

but her shadow

gets all of the attention

her shadow is kept busy

showing all the violence, hatred, and negativity

that appears prevalent in this world

no one has time to gaze upon beauty

to stand in awe

to open up and receive all that nature is willing to give

I say surrender to beauty

she will never disappoint

let her show you

the magnificence of your body and mind

let her soar through you

become intoxicated

with the oneness of all